February 4, 2019

Why Work with a Lighting Design Consultant for your Retail/Commercial Space?

You’ve decided your space needs lighting.  You could take the route of DIY… potentially costly and unwise without any lighting knowledge.

Investing in the services of a professional lighting design consultancy will guarantee all aspects of your space are considered in detail. We ensure your lighting design meets the correct light levels for comfort and functionality, using the correct products. The design also perfectly integrates and complements the space.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should team up with a lighting design consultant for your all lighting requirements.

Extensive knowledge of light

When we talk about light, it doesn’t just mean knowing the difference between daylight and artificial light.  As experienced lighting professionals we have studied the effects of all types of lighting from natural, incandescent and fluorescent to support with task, functional and accent lighting.

The complexities of how light interacts within a space and how light can be manipulated to evoke a desired emotional response: attentiveness, relaxation, excitement, intrigue, temptation is key in creating the optimum ambience for commercial & retail spaces.

Lighting designers love to seek out exactly the right product to create the perfect effect. Oh, it’s geeky, but we know which quality lighting fixtures will best fit your budget and requirements. Let the experts design your space in the best light. We take care of the whole process from concept to installation. It’s what we do.

Quality grade products

We have expert knowledge in professional grade products such as LED and Halogen to achieve the proposed lighting design. Products that are built to withstand both years of use and the elements.

How many times have you heard this;

“Good quality is cheap, it’s poor quality that’s expensive”

“Buy it right or buy it twice”

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” Benjamin Franklin

It might cost more upfront to consult with a professional, but in the long run, it’s important to get it right the first time. You are guaranteed to save money long term because you have been advised correctly on the design and products you need, and on those you don’t. Less is always more.

Professional installation

Lighting designers strive to ensure high-quality installations for general, task, accent and decorative lighting. Safely implemented in an efficient and stress-free manner. Employees and customers reap the benefits from an expert lighting design solution, boosting productivity from staff and in turn increasing customer satisfaction and sales!

Boost sales

You can count on great lighting to make a huge difference in driving sales. The goal is to make your product look as attractive and irresistible as possible by layering different kinds of light, achieving the perfect mood for your store or business. Highlighting key products, giving warmth and dimension yet ensuring true colour rendering.

Reduce operation costs and project construction

As a lighting design consultancy we work with trusted contractors and suppliers to achieve budget objectives without sacrificing design intent. Experienced in delivering remarkable projects on time and on budget.

We can reduce your running costs and environmental impact, while supporting your business goals with the proven capability of elegant, well-designed lighting!