August 15, 2016

40 Under 40 2016

A new generation of talent emerges…

In 2016, to celebrate the 40th Annual Lighting Design Awards, we identified 40 international stars of the profession, all aged under 40, some rising, some risen. It proved difficult, not because of any lack of talent but because slimming down the list inevitably involved finely balanced choices. It is drawn from architectural lighting practices, light art studios and universities in 20 countries, and although many consultancies can boast more than a few highly skilled designers, for example, we had to set limits. There are always challenges, as these men and women know. They have engaged with a profession that barely existed when they were born, its sparse population of pioneers drawn mainly from architecture, the theatre and engineering, its principals and value appreciated by few. The ways into the profession remain diverse and creative as its expression. There is formal training available: Parsons, the Bartlett and the Hochschule Wismar come up time and time again in resumes but many still join by unorthodox routes. As the public’s appreciation and appetite for carefully designed illumination develops, todays new age of talent will need to innovate lighting to serve people of all ages. We have no doubt that they will. Look at what they have accomplished so far.

Andrea Acciarresi

Light Touch

‘If design is a combination of multiple disciplines and knowledge, lighting design could be considered the most complete and the most challenging’

After gaining a BSc in product design from the University of Florence, Andrea Acciarresi worked at IGuzzini illuminazione before joining Light Touch in Dubai. ‘I discovered the technical side of light and the commercial world from production to completion’ he recalls. Joining Light Touch allowed him to combine innovative design skills with technical knowledge within the creative environment of an independent consultancy. ‘I believe that our job has still room left for recognition, especially from public institutions’ he says. ‘Lighting design is like LED technology: in the next few years it will improve and change, finding its own well-deserved place in the market.’

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